Dobby announces ‘Live Show Killa’ tour presented by Rolling Loud Months after HIV comments in Rolling Loud Miami

After months of public scrutiny for his controversial remarks in Rolling Loud Miami, Dababi is getting ready to go on a 22-state tour presented by the music festival.

In an Instagram post, DaBaby announced the ‘Live Show Killa’ tour presented by Rolling Loud, which will begin in late November in Chicago, IL and end in Los Angeles in February 2022. Baby will hit cities like Atlanta, Philly and Detroit along the way.

The tour announcement is a full-circle moment for DaBaby, who recently found herself on the hot seat of a canceled culture calling out HIV-infected people during her set at the Miami Festival. After the video of his comment went viral, DaBaby was dropped from various festivals and a public apology was later made to the LGBTQ + community.

In an apology, DaBaby said he was “misinformed” and needed the “knowledge, education and resources” he received from people knowledgeable about the impact of HIV / AIDS on the LGBTQ + community. About a month later, DaBaby met with nine HIV awareness agencies to apologize and talk to people living with the virus.

DaBaby’s efforts to educate themselves seem to have worked for her, as the CEO of one of those companies recently acknowledged her growth. As we reported earlier, Gweonlyn D. Clemons, CEO of LGBTQ org ‘Relationship Unleashed’, told TMZ that its nonprofit members support DaBaby’s career. Clemens says she has taken the time to educate herself about harmful and triggering comments and that, in doing so, she will be able to lead a happy and prosperous career in peace.

Pre-sale tickets for DaBaby’s tour will go live on Thursday, November 4 at 10am

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