Doctors have successfully transplanted a pig kidney into a human patient

Diseases awakened from people in a coma, medical miracles happen every day. But some doctors are moving forward with the method we use to get the necessary organs. According to the New York Times, surgeons in New York City have successfully attached a kidney that grows inside a pig to a patient.

The unidentified patient was apparently suffering from brain death. They were a registered organ donor, but none of their organs were “suitable” for transplantation so the family allowed them to be used for research.


While on the ventilator, the pig’s kidney was attached to the blood vessels in the patient’s upper leg and was covered with ieldal. It should work like that. The kidneys take in blood and process the urine and the creatinine wastes “almost immediately”. The surgery took place in September and the organ was studied for 54 hours.

The kidney was collected from a pig that was genetically engineered to grow human organs that would not be rejected by the human body. Genotransplantation is the term for the medical procedure that took place. According to the Food and Drug Administration, this procedure involves the replacement, implantation, or infusion of “living cells, tissues, or organs from the source of an inhuman animal.”

Replacement required

Scientists are working overtime to find new ways to address the growing demand for organ transplants. Estimates show that more than 100,000 Americans are waiting to receive organs from the transplant list. About 90,240 people on the list need kidneys.

Robert Montgomery, head of the Langone Health Transplant Institute at New York University, recently underwent kidney surgery.

“So far the field is stuck at the pre-clinical primate stage, because moving from primates to living humans is considered a big leap,” said Dr. Montgomery.

Why pigs?

According to Vice, he received a 3.2 million grant from United Therapeutics to finance the medical project. The Maryland-based pharmaceutical company focuses on developing “fancy pharmaceutical therapy” and “technology to expand the availability of transplantable organs.”

Pigs are apparently a great match for organ collection. The NY Times reports that they are “easy to grow, mature quickly, and reach adult size in six months.” Moreover, humans are no strangers to using pig body parts. Pig Heart Value, Pig Pancreas Cells and Pig Skin have all been used in medical procedures.

While the idea may be off to someone, Martin, CEO of United Therapeutics, doesn’t think so.

“Strange does not mean immoral. The graph has a -5-degree line যত until the utility transcends irrationality, conquers social acceptance, ”Martin said. It would be foolish to insult the greatest discovery. ”

The study was not reviewed or published in a journal.

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