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Disney Epcot
Orlando, FL
By Michael Yanko
Rock Legends Photographer

The Garden Rocks Concert Series, hosted by Disney Epcot, brings top talent to Central Florida in a beautiful mini amphitheater type setting.
Don Felder of The Gulls fame was the star on this special night, and the star! Backed by very talented musician / guitar back vocalist David Myhre, bassist Jeff Coffey, keyboardist Timothy Drury and Chris Raleigh on drums, the band was tough and did an excellent job close to the original Theggals music as much as possible. Felder’s voice is still very strong and his guitar playing is still top notch.

The Garden Rocks Concert Series is 3 short shows a night but the fielders and bands are able to perform in just 30 minutes; “Already Gone,” “Peaceful Easy Feelings,” “Witch Woman,” a perfectly consistent “Seven Bridge Road,” “Heart Tonight,” and “Hotel California” have wrapped up the set. When Guitar Tech pulled out Felder’s shiny white Gibson double neck guitar, Felder asked the crowd, “Do you recognize it?” And without waiting for an answer immediately began to play the role of song.

The crowd was delighted with the performance and if you like agglomerated music, you will definitely love Don Felder at the concert!

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