Don Lebu condemns those who still refuse to be vaccinated – “The only different thing about this vaccine is your politics today”

Roommates, Don Lemon did not back down during the last episode of his nightly talk show, where he denounced those who are still refusing the vaccine. Going further, Don added that if you can get butt shots, you should have no problem getting vaccinated.

Following Nicki Minaj’s recent remarks where he referred to her as “Uncle Tomiana”, Don Lemon fired back at those who still refuse to be vaccinated. It follows Nicki Minaj’s week-long social media drama about her reluctance to get vaccinated and allegations of side effects of the vaccine from her family members.

“People who say, ‘I don’t know what’s in the shot’ … Do you know what shots they get these days?” At their back end, they’re getting shots to make it bigger. They are shooting in the face. They don’t know what’s in Botox. You don’t have to listen to minorities who are detrimental to the greater good and who are not working on logic, reasoning and science, ”Dawn said.

Apparently when Don Lemon reported that a White House representative had exclusively told CNN that Nicki Minaj had not been invited to the White House to be informed about the vaccine, he felt a sort of approach.

“It’s time to start embarrassing those who are not getting the vaccine, those who are believing in the Internet instead of science, or leaving them behind because they have left most Americans behind,” he added.

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