Don Lemon says Juicy Smollett made “a lot of lies” just hours after his conviction

Okay, let’s find out where Don Lemon stands in the verdict in the Juicy Smollett case. On Thursday night’s episode of ‘Don Lemon Tonight’, he said that the actor had to “make up a lot of lies” while describing his side of events in 2019. Now, people online are commenting on the host’s tune change. As you may remember, Don showed support for Juicy after the initial news of the Juicy attack.

Don Phillips Sides

Hours after Juicy’s conviction, CNN host spoke with legal analyst Joey Jackson. Don told his viewers that Juicy had woven a web for a hate crime during his trial.

“He had to lie a lot because he didn’t want to do anything,” Dawn said. “To cover up. Like another lie – and I guess he’s stuck with it because he took a position on his own.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

As previously reported, a jury on Thursday found the “Empire” star guilty of five counts of disorderly conduct. The jury deliberated for nine hours before reaching a guilty verdict. Although he faces a three-year sentence for a Class 4 offense, legal experts believe he should not face jail time because of his previous clear record.

Juicy named Dawn during the trial

Later in the segment, Dawn added that Juicy has made it harder for people to believe in “legitimate victims of hate crime.” But people are questioning why Don Juicy did not address his involvement.

During his testimony Monday, Jussie said Don was the man who told him the police did not read his description of the racist, gay attack. Apparently, to Newsweek, CNN has shut down Juicy via anchor text.

As of Friday afternoon, the host had not yet remedied Juicy’s claim.

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