Donald Trump advises Haitian immigrants to enter US “probably with AIDS”

Former President Donald Trump has recently launched a baseless attack against the entry of Haitian immigrants into the United States. Speaking on Fox News, the businessman suggested that millions of Haitians were “flowing” and “probably have AIDS.”

Trump used a primetime television interview with host Shane Hannity on Thursday evening to make his baseless claim. In addition to his comments on health, he warned Americans with an assumed warning that allowing Haitians to enter the United States was “like a death wish for our country.”

“Haiti has a huge problem with AIDS,” Trump said live on Fox News.
“AIDS is one step ahead, AIDS is a real bad problem. So millions of people are coming to our country. And if you look at the statistics, and if you look at the numbers, look at what’s happening in Haiti. It’s a huge problem with AIDS.”

It is not clear where Trump is gathering his information. There is no supporting evidence for what he said. This does not include the validity of Haitian immigrants and immigrants actively entering the United States

Yet, according to Business Insider, his remarks echo similar remarks made earlier about Haitians during his tenure as U.S. president. That includes his 2017 remarks when he said 15,000 Haitian immigrants were granted U.S. visas “everyone has AIDS” according to the New York Times. At the time, the White House pushed back, denying that he had used the term specifically.

Then, in 2018, he reported to the Washington Post against Haitian immigrants. Trump called Haiti a “shawl” country and later used the term “hard” to describe the term owned by Twitter.

Moreover, Business Insider reports a statistically low number of HIV patients among Haitians, according to UN data. Clearly, the HIV prevalence among Haitian adults between the ages of 15 and 49 is only 1.9 percent. It has surpassed the global rate of 0.7 percent, but it has been steadily declining in recent years.

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