Donald Trump sues Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for recovering his account

It’s been nine months since Donald Trump let his Twitter fingers go to work, and it looks like he’s ready to get back into it. If you recall, Donnie’s Twitter account was suspended in January after a storm in the US capital, a move that was considered “indefinite” in line with the platform’s guidelines.

According to Politico, Donnie asked a Florida federal judge to force Twitter to reopen his account. On Friday, his lawyer filed a motion seeking an initial injunction against Twitter and its chief executive, Jack Dorsey. The order states that Twitter is violating Trump’s First Amendment rights by censoring him.

“Plaintiff Donald J. Trump honorably agreed to restore access to the defendant’s social media platform (plaintiff), including, among other things, Defendant Twitter, Inc. and all defendants participating in the concert, in order to direct a preliminary injunction.”

The filing further alleges that Jack Dorsey was “forcibly suspended by members of the US Congress” from accessing the platform.

“[Twitter] This country uses a level of power and control over political negotiations that is immense, historically unprecedented and deeply dangerous for opening up democratic debates.

Shortly after Trump’s Twitter account was suspended, he was banned from other social media, including Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. Before his Twitter ban. Trump had 88 million followers.

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