Donald Trump’s Star Hollywood Walk of Fame covered by dog ​​stools

# Roommates, people have expressed their frustration with Donald Trump in various ways over the years – but this latest move is still the most shocking (and disgusting). Recently, it was discovered that someone gave their own touch to the Hollywood Walk of Fame by covering the Donald Trump star with dog feces.

@TMZ_TV reports that earlier this week, tourists from Los Angeles were walking on the Hollywood Boulevard, which involved the highly insulting former President Donald Trump. An unidentified man took a large quantity of dog feces and dumped it on Trump’s Hollywood star.

However, it turns out that anyone who does this should not face any charges because covering them under California law is not considered vandalism, where it is said that when you “damage with graffiti or other engraved material” or harm someone else. / Destroys Property Since the star has to do what he has to do, no law has been broken.

If you’ve been tracking, you know that this is certainly not the first time Trump has decided to change Hollywood stars. In 2016, James Otis repeatedly vandalized the star with a pickaxe and asked her not to compete for vandalism. He received community service, ordered a 4,400 fine, and was on probation for three years.

In addition, in an effort to stop the star’s frequent vandalism, at one point the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which conducts the Hollywood Walk of Fame, briefly placed a barrier around the Donald Trump star. Although the barrier was removed once, vandalism continued.

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