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Apparently Garner followed quite a few rules to stay in shape in his five years of fighting Alias, Courtesy of Celebrate Instructor Valerie Waters, Who simultaneously prepared him for 2005 Electra, Which Garner shot during a break from his show. Hair and make-up needed by 5.30am, she would wake up at dawn for 40 minutes of full body exercise, warm-up cool-down.

“Do you think he really wants to get up at dawn? No,” he told Waters Los Angeles Times In 2005.

But Garner was realistic about fitness from the start, he said! The news of the Sydney game claim in December 2001, “I like it because it forces me to take care of myself physically. And usually during this kind of work you really let it get in the way. Not that I’m very good at it, but a lot, You know, I have a fight right now and so this morning I got up at eight o’clock and ran for half an hour. It keeps you honest with it, because you have to be warm and you have to be in good shape, or you’ll get hurt. “

Even practicing Sydney’s smooth, confident progression, Waters helped her straighten her walk while strengthening every muscle in her body. “He worked on me,” Garner explained USA Today In 2002.

He studied with the Taekwondo Grandmaster Bang U., And fans of kickboxing workouts ever since.

“The ethics of his work are simply incredible,” says Waters, now Garner’s go-to trainer for the better part of 20 years. Style In 2014.

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