Drake and the weekend will be studied at Ryerson University in Canada Music

Drake And Weekend’s Music is inspiring for many, but now, it can even help Canadian university students gain course credit.

According to CNN, Riverson University’s Creative School is now offering a course that will learn about the lives and musical talents of two Toronto-born artists.

Entitled “Deconstructing Drake and the Weekend,” the course will begin in the winter semester of January 2022. Rearson Professor-in-Residence Dalton Higgins It will be known that it will be taught in class.

“It’s time to recognize and canonize our Canadian rap and R&B icons academically or otherwise,” Higgins said. CNN. “And it’s critical for scholars and historians to examine the Toronto music scene that gave birth to Drake / Weekend and helped create the conditions for their mega-success.”

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The class will be offered as a flagship course in The Creative School’s Professional Music BA program, which Dean Charles Falzone Says Canada “the first transdisciplinary professional music undergraduate program.”

“Even before the registration opens, the enthusiasm for the class is already quite significant so I think it will be packed very soon.” CNN.

The course is intended to fully analyze the lyrics of both artists, who have been widely acclaimed as great lyricists.

“What people forget about Drake is that he’s actually a great writer,” the professor said. “In his rhymes he uses all kinds of literary instruments like metaphor, iambic pentameter, simile, so we are going to deconstruct his songs and test how he combines his songs.”

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