Draya Michelle shared a message on Instagram about blackprinted black women

When it comes to getting credit, everyone wants them. Yesterday it seemed that it was Draya Michelle’s turn to ask for her credit in a pose. After sharing a post with model and entrepreneur daughter Henry, she became the subject of a discussion on eating fruit in a throwback film. However, the picture did not turn heads. It was the caption that said black women are the real blueprint and don’t forget it. This happened shortly after the collapse of the latest SKIMS campaign, with Megan Fox and Courtney Kardashian posing the same as Drew and Tanya. In both pictures, the women were eating each other’s fruit.

Draya did not call Courtney and Megan directly, but people online felt that he was clearly talking about women. This is the second time this year that a celebrity has complained of not getting proper recognition for the content they create. If you recall, we recently reported in May that Shannon felt a bit far-fetched about Clarmont City Girls “copying” a pose she made with her twin sister Shane. In one video, JT and Yung Miami climbed on top of each other while they were promoting “Twekulator”. Shannon went on to express her dislike on Twitter, where she exchanged some words with Miami. Miami has taken the high road, cleared the air, and said she is not here for the shadows and no one has tried to discredit them.

Some roommates felt that conversations about posture were unnecessary. One commented, “Eating fruit in a new photoshoot is not new. Relax “However, some roommates agree that black women are blueprints. Another comment said,” I don’t disagree with black women’s blueprints, but I don’t think they copied. “Roommates’ thoughts?

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