Dream Catch – Utah Shakespeare Festival

Written by Daria Pillar Redus

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of blog posts by actor Daria Pillar Radas. He appeared at the festival in 2018 Big river And The Greenshow And playing throughout this year Ragtime And Kate In The Pirates of Penzance. He is the recipient of the Festival’s 2021 Michael and John Finlayson Awards.

On my way home after getting my Covid-1 vaccine last spring, I received a call that provided some terribly exciting news. I will play the role of Sarah Ragtime Utah at the Shakespeare Festival. After the initial offer, the voice on the other end of the phone drowned out my panicked, heartbeat. I was scared. Yes, I was excited. . . But I was scared

How am I going to tell this woman tragic story? I’m going to say how We will? How can I put myself in the shoes of a woman who has done something so unforgivable? It will be a miracle.

Or maybe, it should simply be taken. . . Me.

To me the gift of being an actor is an opportunity to test our humanity. We need to understand why people do what they like and what they like. When I started working on Sarah’s character, I was absolutely stunned to see how much parallel I found between this true, kind, optimistic woman and myself. Ragtime Everyone dreams. Holding on to hope, holding on to a dream and following a dream. The Dreams We are all different, so the loss of “dreams”, which can be for you, is managed and processed differently.

I, Daria, are a dreamer very similar to Sarah. I also dream of a husband, children, drinking chocolate milk and hanging out with the whole family. In my life, I have associated that dream with certain people. So, if someone left me, it seemed like the dream was leaving me. When no one wants me, it seems like dreams don’t want me. That’s it. When Colehouse left him, the dream seemed to go away. For Daria, it’s devastating. For Sarah, it’s devastating. Who will tell us what to do or not to do in the grief of losing the most important dream of our life? In search of her dream, Sara came out of her comfort zone completely and invited the same person who had brought her dream back into her life. He took almost a life during the grief of losing the dream and eventually died in pursuit of it.

By bridging the gap between me and Sarah, this woman has erased all the villains, darkness and evil. He has reached fully, fully human. We all have something for which we will fight our hardest. It just so happens that my and Sarah’s dreams are the same. So, no miracle happened to tell the story of this woman. It tested my heart, my desires, my faults. . . It sees me.

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