Elderbrook sets a dance floor-focused tone with Innerlight EP

At eight o’clock in the evening, when the legendary Venue Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, glowing in the remaining light of day, markedly for the triple-bill of Louis the Child, What So Knot and Elderbrook, remarkably young spectators have already thrown into the aisles

Elderbrook, born Alex Kotz, is aware of the higher power of the waiting crowd, but it does not interfere with his comfortable Jane state. She is divided into her cozy dressing room, which is arranged like a high quality boutique hotel. There are quality snacks, designer bottled water and a chic bathroom.

She showed a brand new tattoo on her inner wrist. It’s an acronym: WWPBD, which stands for “What Pooh Bear Will Do.” The tattoo is a reference to the knowledge of AA Milne’s favorite character. It’s a reminder for Cottage to ask this question at important moments in his own life, or at such national moments, when he has to ramp up for his acting.

This is the second night Cottage in the Red Rocks. Matching his first date, the Beatles played at the iconic venue 57 years ago, on August 26, 1964.

Credit: Nikolai Puk

“The Red Rocks, you know, Red rockWhile preparing for the stage, Kotz said, making sure to write his name in advance in the famous hidden tunnel of the venue. “It’s incredible and amazing. I’ve never played an amphitheater that goes upstairs and the crowd stares at you. You can really see their faces. ”

Eye contact with the audience was a major shortcoming of the British singer / songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. The onset of the epidemic coincided with the beginning of her partner’s pregnancy with her first child. They spend a lot of time walking, barbecuing and interacting with nature. After the arrival of his daughter যার whose picture flashes on his phone every time it is illuminated with a text message তিনি he quickly adapts to a one-handed father.

The rest of Cottage’s epidemic was concentrated on composing songs at his home studio in the Hertfordshire countryside outside London. Cottage’s musical style fits into a flexible space that he shares with the likes of Refas du Sol and Bob Moses, where their sync-ready sounds easily make themselves on a dance floor like a dance theatrical stage.

In the summer, when Cottage had the option of staying in the United States or moving to England in Gig every week, he spent four days on the road and three days at home with his family.

“When the shows started again, it was great and I was very excited to play again,” he says. “But I like to think I’m a very involved father, and it’s hard not to be around my family.”

This fall, he is back on a full-travel schedule with a tough month date in North America in October, for which he is bringing his partner and daughter. “Lockdown has changed how I approach life,” Kotz said. This has changed a lot in my behavior and how I behave. ”

Credit: Nikolai Puk

Kotz has written over 300+ songs or song ideas over the past two years, all of which he claims are “timeless, world-shattering hits that will go down in history.”

Four of these are his new EPs, Interior light. They revolve around the themes of fatherhood and big picture life lessons. “It’s hard for me to separate the anxiety I felt from being a father,” Kotz said.

The EP’s perfectly-tuned-all-flavor lead single, “Inner Light” is a collaboration with the aforementioned Bob Moses, with the self-contained “Dominos” tourmate Louis the Child, and the depressing “I’ll find my way to you” with Emit Fenn. The EP is closed by a non-collaborative song, the vocal-centric “Broken Mirror”.

“My album [2020’s Why Do We Shake in the Cold] There were more indie notes, ”Kotz said. “Going forward, my sonic aspect is definitely going to be more electronic-based and that’s the sum of this EP.”

This is an expected change for Cottage, whose biggest hits so far have been dance-based collaborations: Grammy-nominated “Cola” with Camelfat, “Something About You” with Rudimental, Diplo “One by One” and its features & Diplo in Black Coffee. ” Never forget, “and his co-production with Diplo,” How are you? “

Credit: Nikolai Puk

When Cottage takes the stage, it’s that perfect moment of twilight when all the Red Rocks ’strategically placed lights are on, and the natural light is isolated and quiet. Cottage leans into the setting with his one-man show where he controls all his vocals, sings and kneels together, bends his legs, turns left and right and dances his signature. The dancefloor-driven nature of his music is obvious. This is the exact change from Louis the Child, who, in addition to being the headliner, also took on the role of warm-up DJ and won the admiration of the audience.

The pre-game for this underage crowd definitely started in the afternoon, who, after drinking excess alcohol, continued without a break. Meanwhile, the concert-goers are walking through the vomit, oblivious and happy.

Cottage is happy to be in front of the crowd, regardless of their condition. “As a musician at Lockdown, it was hard for me to feel the reality that what I was doing was real,” Kotz said. “I was writing songs, posting them on the internet. Sometimes they will be released and you will hear the number of people and think, ‘Okay, it’s going well.’ But going out and seeing people’s faces again makes me feel like I’m doing what I wanted to do instead of sitting in my underpants and uploading songs.

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