Elkhorn: August 31, 2021 Valentino Park Red Hook

Elkhorn was released a few weeks ago Golden Lag In Blue Hole Recordings, a two-sided cassette of two medium-length instrumental tracks, consistent with what we came to expect from this super-talented guitar duo. It inspired me to finally finish editing this amazing day recording in the park from August.

Mostly because of its relentless efforts Aaron Stein, NYC has created a magical experience for tuning in to Freaks Day Out pop-up concerts. Located in a corner of Red Hook’s Valentino Park, the performers are presented to fans in the most natural surroundings and in blankets or beach chairs, and the feel of the event is like a family reunion of the most knowledgeable music fans given to NYC. On this beautiful day in August, everything came together for Elkhorn and Frex, and for a few hours everything was fine with the world.

In our previous experiences with Elkhorn, the band played as a guitar duo, with Jesse Shepard playing a 12-string acoustic guitar and Drew Gardner a primarily electric guitar. The intricate interplay between Jesse’s melodic line and Drew’s crunchy strut are both mesmerizing and catchy. On this special day, the band added Ian McCullum to the drums, an explored genius who has appeared elsewhere on these pages. The first set was familiar to fans with guitar interplay complemented by Ian’s delicious fils. Thirty minutes of pure pleasure, it was one of those time-stand-still kind of sets that you never want to finish.

But it was the second set that left us for a bit of a loop. Jesse straps on an electric ditch and moves the riff on a funnel groove and the Drew works totally wow wow. The thirty minute set is woven into a few different themes and beyond but ultimately proves that this band has an infinite number of genres to explore in the future and we will be happy to capture them.

I recorded this set with the outdoor-friendly large diaphragm Newman microphone set up directly in front of the band, and the sound quality is stunning. Sure there are some dog barks and puppies, but this is exactly the atmosphere of this awful day and we are very happy with this recording. Enjoy!

Download the full show [MP3] / [FLAC]

Stream full show:

Valentino Park – Red Hook
Brooklyn NY

Digital master recording
On stage

Neumann KLM-102s> Sound Devices 744t> 24bit 48kHz wav file> Soundforge (Post Production)> CDWave 1.95 (Tracking)> TLH> flac (320 tagging via MP3 and Foobar)

Recorded and produced
by nyctaper

Set 1 [Total Time 30:07]
01 Improvisation1
Set 2 [Total Time 31:41]
02 Improvisation2
03 Improvisation3

Jesse Shepard: Acoustic guitar, bass
Drew Gardner: Electric guitar
Ian McCallum: Drums

Support Elkhorn: Website / Bandcamp

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