Eminem opened a new restaurant based on the iconic line from “Lose Yourself”

An iconic line of the rapper EminemIts famous song “Los Yourself” has been transformed into a new restaurant in its birthplace Detroit.

Real Slim Shady Maas Spaghetti opens on Wednesday (September 2nd) Italian serving everything Detroit Free Press. If you’re familiar with his 2002 Oscar and Grammy-winning tracks, you know how the stand-out line goes.

“His hands are sweating, his knees are weak, his arms are heavy,” said M. Reps in the song, which was written for the soundtrack to his film, 8 Miles. “She’s already vomiting in her sweater, Mom’s spaghetti.”

This is not the first time that the song has become a food concept. In 2017, the rapper opened a mom’s spaghetti pop-up store at the Detroit Music Venue, Shelter, to promote the release of her album. Revival.

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Located at 2131 Woodward Avenue, in Demetrio Demetrio, from America Park, the Brick and Mortar Restaurant will open Wednesday (Sept. 2) at 5 p.m.

The menu is simple and will serve mom spaghetti $ 9 or $ 12 if you add meatballs or $ 14 if you want vegetarian meatballs. ‘Sghetti’ sandwich $ 11. Drinks $ 3.

“We had a lot of fun setting up this project with people at Union Joints and the response from fans has been extremely positive,” Eminem manager Paul Rosenberg said in a statement. “Previous pop-ups were really a test for us to determine if there were regular mom spaghetti spots that would be open all year.”

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