Enjambre is looking to the future with their first English EP

Twelve years ago, another epidemic in Enzambre was on the verge of collapse before taking off due to the 2009 swine flu epidemic. Fortunately, the band hung out there and released seven albums that blended the romanticism of Mexican folk music with rock and roll. English in their EP Ambrosia.

“Because of the epidemic, we have broken the record [Próximos Prójimos] And we couldn’t go out and travel with it, so we were like, ‘Why don’t we just do that English thing?’ “Says Luis Humberto Navajas. Spin About zoom.

With last year’s tour plans Next neighbor Bypassing the album in Mexico and the United States, Luis Humberto began working on the ambrosia while in quarantine during the Covid-19 epidemic.

“We always wanted to record an EP in English,” Navajas added. “We come from Zacatecas, but we consider ourselves from the kingdom. It was natural for us to want to explore that area. ”

Enjambre’s bicultural word is the lifeblood of the band. Luis Humberto formed the team with his brothers, Rafael and Julian, and drummer Angel Sanchez at the Zacatecas in Mexico. The Navajas brothers grew up in classic rock, Mexican ranchers and bolero that their fathers used to listen to. When he moved to Orange County for work, they went with him and recorded their first album, 2008 The second is catfish. From the buzz behind their debut, they had acquired a local fanbase booking live gigs at nearby LA Enjambre, but they wanted more. The boys moved to Mexico City and took part-time jobs while pursuing their music dreams. It almost stopped during the swine flu pandemic.

“It was very discouraging,” Rafael Navajas recalls at the time. “Lewis was going to throw in the towel. It was a very challenging time, but we always believed in what we were doing. We believed we had something to offer, our music was unique. “

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Enzambre played through the epidemic, performed at bars and opened shows for other bands. At the same time, their music was attracting major labels, and later that year, the band reached a licensing agreement with EMI to distribute their groundbreaking album, 2010. Color blind. Enzambre hit his speed with his loudest LP at the time. Songs like the dreamy “Dull’s Soledad” add to the alternative attraction behind the band. The album hit a rhythm with the mainstream and suddenly, Enzambre became the title of their own show in Mexico.

“We started to experience a huge audience for the first time,” Rafael said. “We’ve started to experience a huge audience for the first time.”

Now Enjambre wants to translate its success into English with the band’s follow-up Next neighbor, The Ambrosia The EP was an English song Color blind, But this is the first time that they have tackled a project entirely in that language

“To me [the EP] Felt a little bit like an extension Next neighbor“We were still with that inertia. We’ve finished recording that record and everything was still fresh,” said Luis Humberto.

In the main single “Delorian”, Enzambre seeks to correct any mistakes of the past through time travel, from time machine to time machine. Back to the future The film stars Lewis Humberto marrying Marty McFly’s spin ride. The music video opens like a public broadcasting channel where the host mimics the Gringo accent in Spanish and has fun with the band in English.

“Since the song has a nostalgic feeling, I thought this nostalgic symbol, this car in this picture I saw as a child would be interesting,” says Luis Humberto.

The future theme runs through four songs Ambrosia. In the bizarre “crash”, Luis Humberto commented on the seemingly influential culture on social media. “You’re running from the mirror, you just show yourself with the filter,” he sings. Stunningly close to the EP, “Upgrade,” he takes his position on today’s technology in hyperdrives.

“The way we live today is influenced by what we see on our cell phones,” says Luis Humberto. “We now have a culture that is very dependent on this device, and it’s very sci-fi like it is now. We always have to upgrade. We are surrendering to this technology. It’s a song about it with a very romantic frosting. “

With the venues reopening, Enzambre is starting to travel again as it gathers new fans. Elvis Costello has listed Luis Humberto for last month Spanish model The album is covering the Spanish-language pub rock legend “Hand in Hand” with Chilean singer Francesca Valenzuela. For the future of Enjamber, the boys hope to continue to reach more people in any language.

“The plan is to keep recording, make music and continue traveling,” says Julian Navajas.
Luis Humberto added, “All we wanted to do was come on stage and play our songs. We’ve been doing this for a long time now and we’re still moving away from it. That’s the next goal, until we can do it.

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