Erica Mena has apologized to the woman she called online

Erica Mena has got her fair share of drama with her husband Safari Samuels this year, but she is not the only one who has received warmth from a reality TV star. Today, Erica decides to correct her mistake and apologizes to Christy Mahon.

If you think about it, Erica Christie wore stolen items from her and Safari’s home that she allegedly stole in May. Erica wrote a lengthy apology on Instagram, writing, “After our home was burglarized last May and some of my property was stolen, I was informed by several sources that a man named Christy Mahon was seen occupying my stolen property. In a situation that suggests he knew it was stolen, and I posted a statement to that effect on my Instagram account. I have since learned that the information I received about Mrs. Mahon was incorrect. “

The apology continued, “So I want to take the opportunity to recall my earlier statement about Mrs. Mahon. To put it bluntly, I have no reason to believe that Christy Mahon ever had possession of a property stolen from me or that he had anything to do with the robbery in our home, directly or indirectly. I apologize to Mrs. Mahon. “

Christie didn’t feel sorry and re-posted our post with the caption “Girl bye”. Erica also took notice of her reaction and commented on several ridiculous emojis.

TSR Christie’s attorney, Leila Schmidt, contacted Esk to find out more about the case. Attorney Schmidt responded, “At this time, I have no comment on anything related to my client Christy Mahon or Erica Mena.”

We’ll keep you updated on more information about this event.

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