Estefans deal with black anti-bias in Latinos BET

The Latin population is the fastest growing demographic in the United States, with more than 1.3 million people identified as Afro-Latino in the 2020 census. Each state and district of Columbia reported an increase in demographics, and for the first time in the country, birth and immigration were the drivers of the increased numbers.

Unfortunately, those who identify as both black and Latin say that while the community is growing, there is no sense of acceptance as a whole. In fact, many feel they are in the culture, and not invited to cook. Speaking Spanish, especially at home, gives some people reason to think that they are not “really black”. Then when these same people are among the Spanish-speaking people, the anti-blacks, even if not polluted, can be harmful. Jokes about being dark and comments about lightening blood lines through marriage to provide better opportunities in social movements are common, but forcing people to endure such “advice” is no less undesirable.

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In the latest episode of Red Table Talk: The Stephens , Thursday (October 1) at 9 a.m. on Facebook Watch at P, when the issue of the color of the Latinox community came up and the panel of guests was not afraid to go there, things got heated.

Grammy-winning superstar Gloria Estefan Leads conversations with his daughter, Emily Estefan; And Gloria’s niece and Daytime Emmy Award-winning TV host, Lily Estefan. The hosts welcomed Love and Hip Hop: Miami They We have La Negra And Quier I. Star and FAMU Rattler, Caramo Brown, At the red table to give honest insights about the feeling they grew up as black children in Latin families.

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La Negra was extremely vocal about his experiences, especially the racism he felt as a child star on a popular Spanish-language show on the set of Sebado Gigant. Today, he will happily listen to anyone who thinks he is Afro-Latin, while Brown recently relaxed in recognition of his Latin roots, as he received negative feedback from a cherished family member as a child. .

Check out this exclusive clip of today’s show, La Negra explains why he doesn’t believe in those who claim to be above the ideals of racism or racism.

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Dr. Elizabeth Herz-Freeman, An expert on racism in Latin American countries, also invited to the conversation and helped the panel better understand the differences between race, nationality and ethnicity.

In light of recent events that have challenged racism and white privileges in the country and around the world, the Latinox community is simply a group where members have begun to fight against black racism among themselves and their families.

Black and Latin: Racism Inside ” Premiere Thursday, October 14, at 9amPT / 12pmET exclusively on Facebook Watch.

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