Exclusive: Saisha Shinde talks about designing Harnaz Sandhu costumes for Miss Universe finals

History is made today. The Miss Universe crown has arrived in India after a long wait of 21 years with the iconic victory of Miss India Harnaz Sandhu in the competition. In 2000, Lara Dutt was crowned Miss Universe and today marks a landmark moment for all those Indians who proudly celebrate this victory.

We met renowned designer Saisha Shind who created the Harnaj Sandhu gown for the finals and she shared her thoughts, opinions and excitement about being a part of this historic moment.

Tell us a little about the thinking behind clothing and design …

The gown is not your run-of-the-mill silver, it is a mixture of champagne and silver. We didn’t want to give her a gown that would wash her out but one that would make her look even brighter. We had to make sure that she was Miss India and with it you would get a lot of elegance, sophistication and glamor. So it could not go to the top.

How did you think it was styled in Harnaz Sandhu?

I think the styling was, without a doubt, the point. We wanted him to look strong and at the same time very modern. This is why we decided to split a center. Bharat was a stylist on the Gupta Board and he did a great job. I liked two rings on each hand.

Saisha Shinde

What was on your mind when he was declared the winner?

Like other Indians, I was overwhelmed. My friends and I had a watch party and we were jumping up and down. One thing that went through my head was that we won Miss Universe and she came from India and it was a special moment for me. I remember seeing Pageant as a fashion student in 2000 and Lara Dutt had one and I told myself that one day I would make a gown for Miss Universe winner from India and finally it happened today. So it is a victory not only for India and Harnaz, it is also a victory for Saisha.

How do you feel about this moment and the decor going down in history?

I found the DM on Instagram, calling it a ‘winning gown’ and saying it would go down in history. I feel very honored that I was able to make this gown, especially for Harnaz who is an absolutely amazing woman. She is the daughter of the golden heart. So I feel honored.

Saisha Shinde

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