Exclusive: Tushar Khanna is outspoken

Tushar Khanna’s journey so far, the kind of work he is looking for as an actor in this frank chat with Anlita Seth and has opened his heart to life. An actor with unlimited dreams, Snow is ready for the whole world to see what he has to offer.

The handsome Hank Tushar Khanna was born in Amritsar. Since his father had a transferable job, he changed schools a lot. From Amritsar, the family moved to Delhi and then to Noida and so it became difficult for him to make friends and maintain friendships. This led him to fictional friends. Movies and comics fuel his hyperactive imagination. As he got older, he realized that if he became an actor, he would be able to live all these characters and much more. Ever since he got that epiphany, he has expended his energy to become an actor. “I have done a filmmaking course from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication in Pune and I have been involved in theater all my life. I’ve been on stage since I was three years old. So the acting bug bit me a long time ago, ”he smiled. I’ve been on stage since I was three years old. So the acting bug bit me a long time ago, ”he smiled.


Like other outsiders eager for a break on the silver screen, Snow also started as a model. Her first assignment was a TVC for Cafe Coffee Day when she was in school. They were auditioning for an ad at her school and she got the part. “I got a check for fifteen thousand rupees for this,” he recalls. “I gave it to my mother.” Mumbai is known as the mecca for all young actors and was not free from the allure of the snow city. He desperately wanted to pack his bags and leave, but he had no choice. At the age of 21, after finishing an acting workshop with Barry John, he clicked some pictures and sent them to a modeling agency in Mumbai. Surprised, he was called for an advertisement with Sonakshi Sinha. “I have received a one-day notice to travel to Mumbai. This was all in my first week of taking pictures. The photographer sent my pictures to the casting director and the agencies. I thought it was a scam. But anyway I moved to Mumbai. The person who was coordinating the ad asked me to audition for many more and I finished them all. It was the beginning of a kind of dream, ”he said. Audition for several more and I finished all their bags. It was the beginning of a kind of dream, ”he said.
He communicates slowly, does workshops and gets his first television show, Pia Albela, Produced by Rajshree Productions. The show proved to be a hit and he fell into the daily thoughts of working on Hindi soaps, shooting 2-3 episodes a day and literally staying on set. They say the Daily Soap has the highest burnout rate among actors and the snow has felt it too. He took a long break and came back with a web show for AltBalaji, called Bekabu Season 2. His popularity grew with the brave show and people started calling him the Greek god of OTT. “In a word, this is my journey so far. I was offered two pictures but did not start shooting them due to the epidemic. I hope the shooting will start soon when I want to start my innings on the big screen, ”he admits. The actor gets a share of his failures but instead of telling them their failures he tells them to learn. He has practiced re-evaluating a negative situation and trying to find something positive out of it so that he can do better when faced with the same situation in later life. He is a firm believer that hard work and dedication can take you to this industry, and gives the example of his idol Shah Rukh Khan, who, despite being a complete outsider, took it to the top. “Like me, Shah Rukh is a resident of Delhi and has a theatrical background. Her parents were not around to help her when she arrived. She didn’t have that luxury and privilege so it was a lot harder for her. So I feel very inspired in his journey. Not only is he going to be one of the best actors, he is also the number one star, Raja. He’s a great actor, a brilliant businessman and the most suitable man in the industry, ”he pushes the actor. He’s a great actor, a brilliant businessman and the most suitable man in the industry, ”he pushes the actor.


Tusharr similarly seeks to carve out his own legacy and inspire other newcomers through his work. He believes in the laws of the universe and says that if the universe gives him so much, it becomes his duty to give back much more. In addition to SRK, he is inspired by Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, whom he considers the best in Bollywood. Her Hollywood idols are Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman. In addition to acting, he loves to play sports like football and basketball. He is a complete movie buff and watches at least one movie a day. He is also into music and knows how to play both guitar and violin. He is a spiritual person at heart and therefore reads books of spiritualism to learn from them as well as biographies of successful people. He is happy that the video of the song he shot for the T-series with singer Ipsita is going to be released soon. “I want to talk about my two film projects but I have been instructed not to. I can’t break such rules right now because my journey has begun. I don’t want to make any trouble at this stage. I want to go miles and I want the voyage to be a memorable one. Wish me luck, ”he said before signing off. Here hopefully his dream will come true.

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