Exit Interview: Lucy Dacas gets personal in home video

This year, Lucy Dacas will launch at least three events on stage when she launches a very personal song called “Thumbs” or “Please Stay” from her critically acclaimed album. Home video, She will start crying straight away. “Yeah, there were probably three shows on this last tour where it really came to me and I cried like a kid,” Dacas admitted to Zoom on how influential it was to run this kind of personal material for his fans. “I don’t know if people really saw me crying,” he said before pausing and adding, “Well, yeah, there was a show where people Really I noticed. “

Dacus was open about how difficult the epidemic was for his mental well-being, and to that end, it was no less than therapeutic for the musician to return to the streets in 2021. “It makes so much sense now,” he says. “I feel emotional every day while traveling.” Of course, traveling has become more challenging in recent times – with safety precautions and covid tests and what not – “but much more than before I will now go in front of a group of people and be like,” Effort. “

“Deciding to stay inside with a bunch of people… that level of trust and risk and commitment is very touching to me.” Also, Dacus added, “It’s happening on a tour that I didn’t expect to do well and well, it’s mostly sold out which was beyond my expectations.”

The crowd must have been present because, again, during his already delightful young career which is becoming a consistent pattern, Dacus provided another gem of an album. Home video. Despite praising the LP after its release, not to mention recently appearing on some of the 2021 best listings of 2021, including SPIN’s, Dacus admits that he fully understood his tour until he heard his new song from the audience. That’s how much his new album was a favorite.

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“It was hard to hold on for a while,” he admits. “Like, ‘What’s really going on?’ But as the crowd grew, I realized that people liked it. I wanted to be someone completely impenetrable to make sure, “he continued,” but yes, I respond with reassurance. I like to think that people like what I do. It’s really hard work, so it makes sense to me that people are coming. “

Such a self-satisfying feeling – the feeling that his audience voluntarily came with him on a very specific trip that was very personal. Home video – Dakas is filled with “deep satisfaction,” he says. “Because at the end of the day, I want to feel familiar and understood. I’ll be real – I had a really sad feeling when I first released the album and we weren’t doing the show – because it didn’t feel real. I’ve worked on it for so long and basically on the internet. I clicked “send.” And then I didn’t think the compliments on the Internet were real ৷ but now that I’ve done a tour and the show, I feel right about everything. I remember how much I love playing shows and listening to music with people. You can’t fake it. “

Now, a totally exciting proposition for Dakas heading towards 2022. Not only that, he will return to the streets in support Home video, But he says he is also wide enough to expand his creative horizons. Or as he puts it, “I want to take the time to be a newbie because I want to do a lot of things without music in which I’m just a flailing child. And I really like that feeling. It’s polite to be absolutely stupid about something.” And can she be a “broken child” right now? As she has seen it, everything from following for her long-term love affair with film to modeling. “These are personal projects that are creative projects,” she explains.

Lucy Dacas
(Credit: Ebru Yildiz)

After all, Ducas just wants to survive in the moment. After spending so much time in isolation throughout the epidemic, he says he has now improved by being able to live with others. That’s why he prefers to stay at his home in Philadelphia with multiple friends and admits that “they will miss these days when they leave.”

For now, Dacus is just trying to stay grateful. For his career. For his growing self-esteem. For what lies ahead in the near future. “It simply came to our notice then Home video Personally weak things were made, “he says.” I wasn’t so worried about whether people would relate to it. But, “he added with a laugh,” I think it all worked out. “

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