Facebook’s new “Metavers” will allow users to create virtual worlds with customizable avatars, homes and teleportation

Roommate, I think the Matrix predicted this one! Earlier today, the news was dropped that Facebook had changed the name given to it by its mother and was officially going through “Meta”, but we spoke to representatives at Meta and they said we were going to see more than just changing the name – Metavers Virtual Avatar, Customizable Homes, Consists of a 3D world complete with teleportation, gaming, fitness and partying.

“You can think of Metaverse as a tangible Internet,” Mark Zuckerberg recently said, “where instead of just looking at the content – you’re in it.”

Some of the ways to change our online world are: “Horizon Worlds”, where users can “teleport” with their friends to any surprise party or concert in the world, “Horizon Workroom”, which virtually reconnects the groups that work. Remotely, and features where you can go through time and space to study ancient civilizations or other planets.

For meta users who care about their currency, Metaverse Economy allows business owners to host virtual events and sell products in this new world. Vishal Shah has brought Jackie Mirror, head of Metaverse at Facebook Reality Labs, into a life-like butterfly room dedicated to his Frvrv mood candle display. This is the only way that manufacturers can capitalize on this new reality.

Zuckerberg explained in the Meter Live unveiling that these developments are being unveiled overtime, as virtual reality headsets are still not common in many families. Representative of Facebook- I mean meta that some of this technology can reveal something like 5-10 years below.

Roommates, would you be prepared to make social media things really real?

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