Families of victims of Charleston Church massacre settle বিচার 88 million with judiciary

On Thursday, the Justice Department announced a multi-million dollar settlement with the families of the victims of the June 2015 Mother Emanuel AME Church mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

14 Plaintiffs claim that “the FBI neglected to shoot a licensed firearms dealer, a self-proclaimed white supremacist who wanted to start a” nation war “and failed to ban the sale of guns specifically to targets. 200 years old. African-American congregation, ”according to the press release.

The settlement ranges from $ 6 million to $ 7.5 million for those who lost their lives, and the survivors will receive 5 million.

Attorney General Merrick B. “The mass shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church was a heinous crime that caused immense suffering to the families of the victims and the survivors,” Garlan said. He continued, “Since the day of the shooting, the judiciary has sought to bring justice to the community, first through a successful hate crime prosecution and today by settling civil claims.”

Most recently, Dylan was An appeal was rejected 2015 to convict her for murder and to commute the death sentence. A panel of three unanimous judges upheld the preliminary verdict Wednesday, the AP reported.

His lawyers argued that he was “incorrectly allowed to represent himself” during part of his trial. Dylan was told “under the illusion” that white nationalists would keep him out of prison if he hid his “mental-health disability” from the public. Therefore, he has prevented the judges from hearing evidence about his mental health.

At the time of the verdict, Dylan He has become the “first person in the United States” to be sentenced to death for federal hate crimes.

Rumi, what do you think about this settlement?

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