Farrell Williams cancels ‘Something in the Water Festival’ at Varelia Beach

Farrell Williams A local police officer has canceled his Something Water Music Festival in his hometown of Virginia Beach, citing “toxic energy” after his cousin was shot dead earlier this year.

The Grammy Award-winning producer shared his thoughts on his city in a letter to his manager. Patrick Duhani. NBC’s WAVY reports that the note came in response to a letter written by Duhani on September 29, in which he shared his “extreme frustration” that Williams was considering not attending the festival in 2022.

The second iteration was canceled due to COVID-19.

Williams wrote in part in his letter, “To alleviate ethnic tensions, to unify the region, to bring opportunities for economic development, and to expand the horizons of the local business community.”

The festival was a success two years ago and included a lineup with Missy Elliott, Travis Scott and Jay Balvin. Duhani reported that more than 24 224 million has entered the local community as a result.

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“The poisonous force around the murder of my cousin, Donovan Lynch, a Virginia citizen, has changed the narrative many times, the same poisonous force that changed the narrative around the genocide and senseless loss of life in Building 2.” The 48-year-old wrote, according to People.

In 2012, 12 people were killed in a massacre at a local municipality building on Virginia Beach, CBS reported.

Adding, “Unless the doorman and the authorities consider the citizen and consumer base, and see the concept of human rights as a controversial concept for everyone আমার I have no problem with the city, but I understand the city did not value my proposed solutions. ”

BET It was previously reported that in March 2021, the cousin of the “Happy” singer Donovan Lynch, 25, was shot and killed due to gun violence in the city.

Williams wrote in the caption of his Instagram post, “This is a tragedy beyond measure, which was later erased.” My cousin Donovan was killed during the shooting.

Bad girl club cast member Desayla E Harris was also killed.

According to People, Mayor Bobby Dyer He reached out to Williams to see if he would reconsider bringing the festival back.

“Invitations are open. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with him, to hear his special concerns first, “Dyer wrote.” Going forward with ‘Something in the Water’ was one of my first big decisions after being elected in 2019. Everyone thought it was the right thing to do, but I believe it would be good for Virginia Beach, and it was a great success. “

He continued: “We lost momentum last year because of Kovid, but then we had the intention, and now we have, to organize the event in 2022. We see it as a catalyst to increase positivity and that’s why the manager and I still want to say. We will accept the optimistic Farrell. ”

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