FedEx driver fired for refusing to deliver packages to customers who support President Biden and #BlackLives Matter

# Roommates, who have been spending their jobs on social media in recent times, a FedEx employee is now looking for a new job because of his racist tic-tac-toe video. Now in the viral clip, the former FedEx driver says he refuses to offer the package to any customers who publicly support the #BlackLives Matter movement and President Biden.

Ah Yahoo News reports that in an obscene, racist tic-tac-toe video, current-former FedEx employee Vincent Patrno, 39, has decided to publicly say he refuses to do his job because he disagrees with the Biden administration and supporters of #BlackLives Matter. In the video, Petarno says, “What’s up with the tick? Just wanted to come here and let you all know, if you don’t have a flag in front of your house, and if you have Joe Biden, the orange f ** king camel’s toe posted in front of your house, Black Lives Matter – I won’t pay your s ** t. I won’t pay your s ** t. I’ll bring it back to the station and I’ll keep doing it. Have a nice day. “

Well, now Patrono doesn’t have to worry about giving any package at all, as FedEx has shut him down immediately, courtesy of videos from hundreds of social media users to warn the company. In response, a FedEx spokesman issued a statement on behalf of the company.

“We are shocked by the behavior shown in this video, which does not reflect the views of FedEx. This person is no longer providing services for the company, ”the spokesman said.

Video, which was originally posted on September 16thM, The ticket currently has over 40,000 views and nearly 3,000 comments.

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