Fedra Parks again gives her full support to Nani Leaks Dating

Ex Atlanta real housewife They Fedra Park Supporting him NeNe leaked If she chooses to start dating after her husband dies, Greg Leaks.

Speaking to Page Six, Parks said “love conquers everyone.”

“If NeNe wants to find love, she’s beautiful and she’s got a great body. So I say, go after it, honey, ”added the licensed funeral director and mortuary. “If it makes him happy, I support it. In my business, I see people dying unexpectedly every day.

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Lex recently shared on her Instagram story thanks to the “gentleman” who slide into her DM on social media: “I love reading messages. They are inspiring me to say the least.”

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On September 1, Greg lost his battle with stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 66. Porsche Williams, Eva Marcel, Marlow Hampton, Lisa W., And the park.

Parks told Page Six that she has been trying her best to manage NeNe since her husband’s death.

“I talked to him last week and we laughed, so he’s doing as well as he can expect from anyone in his condition,” he noted. “Although it’s hard to lose a life partner. It’s hard to lose someone, but especially someone like Greg, who absolutely loved Nick. He was her biggest cheerleader, so it’s hard.”

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