Fictional character Michael Myers criticized for allegedly being homophobic for killing gay characters in ‘Halloween Kills’

# Roommates, the latest entry in the legendary ‘Halloween’ movie franchise, has recently been dropped, and while the film has been both a box office hit and a favorite among fans, some are coming forward with claims of homophobia. Following the release of ‘Halloween Kills’, fictional character Michael Myers is being accused of being gay because he (** spoiler alert **) murdered a gay couple in the new film.

If you’ve seen a movie in the ‘Halloween’ franchise, you know that the confused serial killer character Michael Myers is capable of killing anyone at any time and for no reason – however, some critics are crying out loud about the special murder of a few. Character from the latest film ‘Halloween Kills’. মৃত্যুTMZ_TV reports, the death of a gay couple in the film has caused a stir with critics that Michael Myers is accused of being gay for their murder.

Although some reposted gay claims on social media as a joke, there was a large majority who believed that killing two gay characters sent the wrong message and added more stigma that members of the LGBTQ + community should be killed. The children’s play hints at a new television adaptation of the film franchise ‘Chuckie’, where the killer doll befriends a gay teenager and publicly supports gay and transgender characters on the show.

So far, no one associated with ‘Halloween Kills’ has responded, including franchise star, legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

‘Halloween Kills’ is currently running in theaters and is available to stream Peacock.

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