Fish: August 13, 2021 Atlantic City

Without two stops for higher education, I have spent my entire life in New York State. That means I have a complicated relationship with the state of New Jersey. Yes, I admit that New Jersey has beautiful divisions হ lakes and mountains to the north of the state, breathtaking views along the Delaware River to the west of the state, and of course the state দীর্ঘ many wonderful beaches along the Atlantic coast.

But with that beauty comes some ugliness. Boardwalks have been commercialized in every major city on the coast, and while the music of artists like The Drifters, Bobby Rydell and Bruce Springsteen has glorified life on the shores, boardwalks are mostly frustratingly seeded. What’s particularly frustrating about Atlantic City is that the situation is even worse a hundred feet north of Boardwalk across the entire expanse of the city. Of course, there are casinos here – the most shameless and disinterested graft in America – but there are countless empty shops, empty spaces and lost souls.

The arrival of the traveling circus which is the Fish Tour takes this Carney atmosphere to a whole new level. It was not only a clash of cultures, but also a socially and morally bankrupt city stealing the last resort of pride from the city by Bachanalia out of an external-level control. When I left the Friday night show and returned to my sad motel, I passed a balloon orgy একটি an endless row of nitrous tanks where an unsatisfied suburban youth under local criminals was fed with an addictive but terribly transient height whistle. These scenes were gone before midnight, but I was told that the hiss of evil lasted at least until half past one in the morning.

I have no reason to know if the fish themselves know any of this. They should know very clearly whether they like it or not, their names and fame are associated with these events. But an erosive scene and the sad tragic confluence of a band at the top of their play are not lost on those of us who are there for music. It’s not the Grateful Dead of the late 1990s, whose collapse as a band is in many ways parallel to breaking the “scene”. What’s coming out of the fish stage is consistently great performance, and that’s the part that is going to destroy it for all of us that makes their dangerous equestrian behavior so exciting.

It was against this dark background that Fish took the stage on Friday night and mentioned Jersey and the beach from a note and everywhere. The “Car Truck and Bus” opening ceremony was a fish song and traveled less than three lanes to the right of NJ Turnpike, which is divided into 15 exits from Travel. In the middle of the night, the band played one of the most intriguing first sets of the tour, highlighted by a bounce and directed by “Blaze On”. The second set was equally strong, with a notable tray single being the “season” and the always welcome hood. But the highlight of the evening for me was of course the thirty-five minutes of the “tweezers> bathtub gin”. At 22 minutes, this tweezers weren’t as long as the previous version of the tour, but the jams were all precise and focused. This could be the best single song played by this band this summer.

The glazed jam oasis is now over, trekking from Missouri Avenue Exit One to the quiet boundary from the beach was physically difficult and mentally inactive. Although it was impossible to avoid the complete anarchy of the Overron Boardwalk, there was always Saturday to expect some measure.

I recorded this set with a Newman hypercard from a very convenient location in the cage of the soundboard, protected by tents from the sea air (with some extra custom “Windcutter” screens). The live mix was absolutely perfect and loud enough to rise above the public. The resulting recording is great and exceeds any expectations expected by this solid tapping location. I’ll play it out loud for a long time, and I hope you will too. Enjoy!

Download the full show [MP3] / [FLAC]

Stream Tweezers> Bathtub Gin:

The beach
Atlantic City NJ

Digital master recording
Tappers section on the soundboard

Neumann KM-150 Hypers> Sound Devices 744t> 24bit 48kHz wav> Soundforge (post production)> CDWave 1.95 (Tracking)> TLH> flac (320 MP3 and tagging via Foobar)

Recorded and produced by Nyctaper

Set 1 [Total Time 1:04:29]
01 car truck bus
02 AC DC bag
03 Blaze on
04 Wolfman’s brother
05 I did not know
06 Scary Beach
07 cracks
08 Sand

Set 2 [Total Time 1:30:40]
09 tweezers
10 bathtub gin
11 Everything is fine
12 seasons
13 Thus did Zarathustra speak
14 Get up together
15 Harry Hood
16 more
17 [encore break]
18 loving cups

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