Former NFL player Glenn Foster dies two days after being taken into police custody

People are asking questions online after former NFL player Glenn Foster died in police custody just two days after his arrest. Authorities arrested the former athlete at midnight on December 4, according to TMZ Sports. By December 6, Glenn had died at the age of 31. Police did not say how he died, but told TMZ Sports that an investigation was “ongoing.”

Glenn arrested

Police say Glenn led a “wild police chase” before their arrest. An officer spotted him driving at a speed of 92 MPH in the 45 MPH zone – 47 miles above the limit. Richard Black, head of the Reform Police Department, said the suspect could not be apprehended when the witness officer tried to stop him. Instead, Glenn ducks and knits about eight miles away from the cops.

The chase takes Glenn to a nearby town called Gordo, where authorities eventually slow him down using a spike strip. He was arrested in the town, but Chief Richard said he was “uncooperative.” The chief also revealed that Glenn was wrestled on the ground to be handcuffed.

Yet one thing Chief Richard did not know was: how Glenn died. Additional law enforcement confirmed that Glenn died in custody on December 6. Police say an investigation has been launched and “nothing more is being found” at the moment.

Prison records show an initial arrest and booking record of 4 December. Police arrested him on charges of reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and attempted escape. Then, for an unspoken reason, he was re-booked on 5 December on charges of general assault and robbery. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Prior to his death, Glenn played collegiate and professional football. He joined the NFL in 2013, making the New Orleans Saints his new team. The following season, he suffered an injury that limited his playing time to five games. By 2015, St. Glenn was dropped from the team and he retired in 2016.

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