Former NFL star Demarias Thomas has died at the age of 33

The football world is in the throes of a tragic rate of young stars.

Demarius Thomas, Retired wide receiver who rose to NFL stardom with the Denver Broncos, has died. The football star is set to turn 34 on December 25.

On Thursday, December 9, police responded to a cardiac arrest-related call for Thomas, who was unconscious or not breathing, according to an incident report obtained by E! News. Police told him his Roswell, Ga. Found dead in a bedroom shower inside the house. Preliminary information says that he died due to medical reasons. “Our investigators now have no reason to believe otherwise,” said EK, a spokesman for the Roswell Police Department. News.

After spending most of his football career with the Broncos, Thomas became the Super Bowl champion when the team defeated the Carolina Panthers in February 2016. In 2018, the two-time second-team All-Pro went to play for the Houston Texans, followed by the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

In June, he announced his retirement after more than a decade in professional football. “It was a difficult decision, a real tough decision,” Thomas said during his announcement. “Always as a kid or always when I do something, it always was [giving] My best go and go and go. And football was my game. Every year I tried to get better and better and I knew I was definitely getting old. It was hard, but I’m glad I did for 10, 11 years. I am very grateful for that and now I can move on. I am happy, I am healthy. And now I can try to figure out my next itch. “

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