Fort Hood soldier Jennifer Sewell has been found safe after receiving news of her disappearance

US Army PFC Jennifer Sewell Safe days were found after not reporting for duty, which led to concerns about the location here. However, military officials in Fort Hood, Texas, have spoken to his family about his whereabouts and confirmed that he is with them.

“PFC. Sewell is a valuable member of our team, and our number one priority is to ensure his safe return. We are in regular contact with his family and will need to give him and his family any assistance to return to Fort Hood, ”the LTC said. Octavia Davis Said in a statement.

Sewell was reported missing when he failed to show up for work and did not respond to calls from law enforcement, his senior officers or his family. He was last seen from his post barracks around noon on Thursday. But the reason he did not report is unclear and the military has not released any more information.

Sewell is the latest soldier to disappear from the base after a series of others over the past few years. Last year, at least 39 Fort Hood soldiers went missing or died, including 13 who committed suicide. The death toll has drawn deep attention to reports of toxic culture and abuse at the base.

SPC in April 2020. Vanessa Guillain, Disappeared and was later beaten to death with a hammer in the arsenal where he worked. A press release from the base said the soldier, who was the initial suspect in his murder, identified only as a “junior soldier” from Fort Hood, committed suicide as military police tried to contact him.

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