Four remaining weeks, four games at the festival – Utah Shakespeare Festival

By Liz Armstrong

Following an emotional and strong week of closing performances Error Comedy, Pericles, Richard III, And Ragtime, It is with a new energy explosion that the Utah Shakespeare Festival happily announces that the entertainment is not over yet!

With four great performances to watch before the end of the October season, festival organizers and artists expect you to buy tickets to enjoy four more weeks of live theater.

Horrible comedy

This chaotic and humorous drama features not only twin sisters, but also twin brothers. Throw away the other brother who looks like his big twin brothers, and this, well, is a recipe for disaster.

Edited by husband and wife Alex Keeper and Michael Doherty, the pair take on the challenge of playing five characters between them. Doherty described the play as “a sweaty high-string work, a farce of humor in polite attire, and complete joy for those who fall in love.”

Throughout the play you will hold your forehead in frustration at the twins ’comedic mistakes, laughing when you see the characters spin into a fun web of confusion.

Smith plays the sisters, who come to laugh at the thought of Keeper appearing in the play. “Horrible comedy It was made to make people laugh, “Keeper said.” We hope that anyone who comes to visit us will bring some relaxation and complete stupidity to his heart. ”


The play, set in Britain, follows Imogen, the king’s only child. In posthumous love instead of her honest mother’s son and chosen husband, Imogen is caught up in a tragic story of star-crossed lovers.

Throughout the play, the evil queen plots the death of her stepdaughter, confirms to Postmas the disbelief of a “friend” Imogen, the sleeping pills cause the presumed death, and the symbol prepares for battle with Rome.

Even after so much, a happy ending happens, so buy tickets to this rarely performed Shakespearean drama, full of intrigue and deception.

Playing in the intimate Aileen and Allen Anes studio theaters, the play uses a variety of scenes provided by the props team that add a fantastic theme of creative acting.

Intimate clothing

Set in the early 1900s in New York City, Intimate clothing It is a heartbreaking game that nicely navigates people’s desire for love while tackling difficult issues of ethnic, religious and class division.

After sewing intimate clothing for other women year after year, Easter struggles with the feeling of loneliness because she wants to get married. He begins a sensational correspondence with George, who works in Panama, when he snatches money from his silver in hopes of fulfilling his own dream.

Easter marries George but soon finds out that she is not the man she trusted. He returned to where he was at the beginning of the play, sewing at Mrs. Dixon’s boarding house, tearing the pieces together into pieces.

The Pirates of Penzance

A dazzling and adventurous drama full of cops, pirates and lively women, Frederick is involved in the pirate business after finally finding his true love Mabel. Does he have to follow duty and give up his true love? Or will love win all?

The breathtaking set design and colorful costumes will take you to another world, where an energetic and cheerful pirate king will dance with your heart and cowardly cops will gain your sympathy.

Richard R. Henry, in the role of Major-General Stanley, says it is a treat to be able to spend some time in the universe and their special brand of humor, Gilbert and Sullivan. “[The director has] Gathering an incredible group of theater people to present this ridiculous classic story in a new way, ”Henry said.

The catchy melodies and energetic performances make this Gilbert and Sullivan classic especially family friendly, and you will go away laughing, happy despite all our wishes.

The 2021 season of the festival will continue till October-October.

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