Fu Fighters bring glorious, stadium-shaped rock to rare club shows

“Well that’s nice, this Strange“Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was taken into the audience Thursday night at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. He pulled his mane behind two ears as if a professor were adjusting his reading glasses. Performed to thousands.

“How did everyone get tickets for this?” The planet joked. “I’m just guessing, a good internet connection?”

The spectacular one-off show marked the beginning of the Rock Hall weekend. On Saturday, a Beatle will include six members – Grohl, guitarists Chris Sheffield and Pat Smear, keyboardist Rami Jaffe, bassist Net Mendel and drummer Taylor Hawkins – at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Fuss seems to be legitimately emotionally upset about this difference. And since the Gravitas of their introduction, the first ceremony after two years of suffering and destruction, they have not been lost.

“RIP Charlie” was scrolled to Hawkins’ drumkit in the center of the stage. Longtime fans (which we originally had 1,200 of us) knew the band was mourning the loss of their manager Andy Pollard. From the heartwarming song “Aurora” of 1999 – arguably the most provocative song written by Grohl – to the inspirational song from 2002’s unrelenting “All My Life”, the first three songs featured respectable, melancholy voices “Learn to Fly.”

Credit: Danny Clinch

Then, the show begins. “I was born in Ohio,” Grohel shouted through the air like cheers and fists. “I’ve got some roots in this motherfucker.”

They barrel through solo songs like “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” “My Hero,” and “Walk,” which are very visible when you can see the veins protruding on either side of Grohl’s neck choker. For All In moments of sheer intensity, the real highlight was seeing the subtlety and facial expressions of all the musical instruments exchanged between the members – things that get lost in an arena show. It felt like getting to see a band rehearsal. At one point, Grohl even took a bottle of jaggery from a mini-fridge that was made like a martial amplifier.

The Fuse has performed songs from their recently released 10th album, Medication at midnight, A trio of backup singers (one of whom was Grohl’s teenage daughter, Violet).

The show featured cliff-hanger hooks and guitar attacks, brazenly rendering reefs and candid singles – mostly Egi-East Foo, drummer Taylor Hawkins – and even a famous concert photographer, Danny Clinch, who provided the single harmonica. A wide-to-the-point-operative presentation of “The Pretender”.

This “Proofrock” – “Pretender” was the emotional peak of the night where its big drum attacks and “I’ll never surrender” punched in the middle of a diagonal, isolated scale.

Hard rock disco was balanced with fever. Grohl determined that there was “excessive rock” when he was tearing his gum (did he chew chewing gum all this time?) And brought back the backup singers for the Disease Moment of the Night, a cover of B. Geese’s “You Should Be Dancin,” which A setlist has been the chief.

Taylor Hawkins, who sits on top of her hot-pink drumkit, Jane, with all her white teeth and blonde hair flying everywhere, was another highlight. “Look at that, Carol King!” Q-Drum traded the space for Solo Hawkins and Grohl Hawkins, the raucous presentation of the Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, which was particularly apt considering Fuss was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.

Fu Fighters
Credit: Danny Clinch

Hawkins crouched on the lips of the stage and turned to watch Grohll sing the drums alone. Later, he introduces Grohl, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the second time. “I don’t know when the third is coming, but I know it will be,” Hawkins said. “Is there a Book Hall of Fame?” (Someone in the crowd answered: “Pulitzer Prize?”)

Since its inception, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been highly controversial. With more bands from the 90s qualifying to enter the hall, with no shortage of appetite and frustration, Trent Reisner says he “couldn’t give a little less” to the nine-inch nail that has been tearing down near Axel Rose for years. The 1,000-word “open letter” protects his rights No. Radioheads who abstained completely from the show were included (although none of them held a candle to the grateful deceased in 1994, who came on stage with a cardboard cutout of Jerry Garcia, who boycotted the show.)

It has nothing to do with Fu Fighters.

“We’ll be back,” Grohl said at the end of the show, above his left eyebrow. “But the next time you see us, we’ll be in some big stadium 100 yards away, probably open for pepper.”

Fu Fighters
Credit: Danny Clinch

Fu Fighter House of Blues Set List:

“My whole life”
“Learn to fly”
“None of my boys”
“Sky is a neighbor”
“Shame shame”
“My hero”
“You Should Be Danced” (BGS cover)
“Someone to Love” (Queen Cover)
“Times like this”
“Young Man Blues” (Moss Allison cover)
“Your best”

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