Gabriel Union has inaugurated about his surrogacy journey

In a new composition for Time Magazine, actress Gabriel Union Talk about her 2018 surrogacy journey.

The 48-year-old previously revealed that she had been diagnosed with adenomyosis, which led her to look for other alternatives to pregnancy.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, adenomyosis is a condition where tissue from the lining of the uterus grows into the uterine wall, causing the uterus to thicken. It can cause heavy periods, pain during sex and your menstrual cycle, and infertility.

The union split its doctor in 2016 Kelly Beck Told her that if she wanted to have a healthy child, surrogacy would be the best option.

“I wasn’t ready to do it,” he wrote in the article. “I wanted the experience of being pregnant. My body stretches and shifts to accommodate this wonder of my body. ”

The union is soon ready to take a take, called Lupron, which will give him a 30% chance of bringing a baby to life, but it will also mean that he will temporarily “throw”. [her] The body is in the early stages of menopause and you can break bones very easily.

Her husband, Dwyane Wade, Finally changing his mind, “You’ve done enough,” he recalls.

“As much as we want this baby, I want you,” she reminded him. “We’ve lost so much in our relationship to be right for me to encourage you to do one more thing for your body and soul.”

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Union admits he was unsure about the surrogacy process at the start of his journey, but was relieved to meet Natalie, His last surrogate.

In March 2018, Natalie shared that she was pregnant and showed off her baby bump at the end of her first trimester. This, of course, was difficult for the union to see.

“This growing push that everyone thought I wanted to see is now a visual manifestation of my failure,” LA’s best The star wrote. “I smiled, I – we – were very happy and grateful. But a part of me felt more worthless.”

But following an intimate ultrasound, Union became extremely emotional.

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“It was suddenly incredibly real,” he explained. “Dwayne held my hand, and there was a lot of happiness on her face, I lost it. My tears stopped in my throat, tears were flowing.”

He added that it was sad. I had a lot of miscarriages … Looking at the screen, I realized how many potential babies I had lost. That’s why I was crying. ”

38 hours of labor and an emergency c-section, Kavia James Born a few weeks ago.

“Comfort, anxiety, terror, joy, frustration, disbelief, gratitude … and disconnection. I hoped the second time I saw her, there would be a moment of locking. I looked at Natalie and her husband. There was a stillness to them. .

At the end of his essay, Union reminds readers that it is important to share his story.

“If I tell the full story of our lives, the lives of the three of us together, then I must tell the truth.

“And I’ve learned that you can be honest and loving at the same time.”

Read his full essay here.

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