Garcia Peoples: June 23, 2021 Sultan Room at The Turks Inn

A few weeks ago Garcia People started their summer stay in The Sultan Room, the rooftop performance space at The Turks Inn. The first of three, two-set performances features some new songs, unheard of jams and the expected return of “One Step Behind” to New York City-which was last heard in these episodes and later immortalized on live Nebula 10 / 10/19 tape . Outdoor sessions continue on July 21 and August 18. (Pro Tip: Get discounted tickets for both shows!) But you say: “I can’t wait two whole weeks for live music!” Well never be afraid, because Garcia Peoples is playing colony in Woodstock, NY this Saturday. The show begins at noon with an opening set of the Jacqueline period. Forced to have a good time there. And hey, when we’re here, a friend from a nice tape site last month, Mr. At the same venue by clicked.

I recorded this show on the lips of the stage, courtesy of audio engineer Imney Cole-Palmer, matching my mic to the board feed. Sounds awesome – front, Legendary guitar amp tape-Style. Enjoy!

Downloads are available in the Live Music Archive

Garcia Peoples
Sultan Room at The Turks Inn
Brooklyn, NY

Recorded and produced by Eric PH for

Soundboard (Audio Engineer: Emni Cole-Palmer) + MBHO KA200N / 303A> Niant PFA >> Sound Device MixPray-6> WAV (24/48)> Adobe Audition CC + Isotope Ozone 3.2>

Total time 2:12:23

Set 1:
01. Gliding through
02. Eminar Clock>
03. Waste of time
04. The crown of thought
05. One at a time
06. The present fire
07. A jam
08. Fill your cup

Set 2:
09. D Jam>
10. Dodging Deuce Suite
11. One step back
12. Feels very good> Jam
13. The illusion of the world

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