Garcia Peoples: June 4, 2021 Industry City

Photo by nyctaper

Welcome back! It was a hellish 16 months for all we know. No one was spared, and many friends on the site went through traumas that no one had to endure. But as far as we can tell, this existential nightmare seems to be coming to an end. Today New York State is celebrating a 70% vaccination rate, and most parts of the city are reopening, including live performances.

Last weekend we felt our first real “concert” event forever, and it couldn’t be a more spiritual and emotionally fulfilling night. Garcia Peoples is obviously one of the site’s favorite bands, and most importantly a people’s favorite group, so it was quite fitting that it would be the NYCTiper outing party. In the open air in Industry City, and with the GP as the soundtrack, we look and smile at friends we’ve not seen for months, shaking hands, hugging, and generally experiencing true joy. For their part, the band introduces a bunch of awesome new elements, jamming on some classics, and sounding tight and focused. They really came back and we couldn’t be happier.

Garcia Peoples is regularly adding new shows to their travel schedules. At the moment, they are playing 3 consecutive months at the Turks Inn (the roof of the Sultan’s Room) in Brooklyn, starting with a show next week (June 23) and then appearing at the Trifort Festival and Lakon Fest. Adding dates, see their bandcamp page for updates.

The show was recorded with Shops cards set up in a soundboard tent and mixed with a board feed. There were problems with the components and a humming sound from a generator, but overall we were quite satisfied with the sound quality. Enjoy!

Download Complete Industry City Show from [HERE]

Stream Full Industry City Show:

Garcia Peoples
Industry City
Brooklyn NY

Digital master recording
Audience + Soundboard

Schoeps CCM4u’s + Soundboard> Sound Device 744t> 24bit 48kHz wav File> Soundforge (Post Production)> CDWave 1.95 (Tracking)> TLH> flac (Tagging via 320 MP3 and Foobar)

Recorded and produced
by nyctaper

[Total Time 1:15:01]
01 False company
02 cold dice
03 Tough freaks
04 Cats Cats
05 A vision that carries
06 Heart and soul
07 An account
08 fire now
09 Cassandra
10 Fill your cup
11 The illusion of the world

Please support the Garcia people: Bandcamp | Facebook

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