Gavin News easily defeats California Governor Recall, Larry Elder

After a costly withdrawal election, Gavin Newsom will remain governor of California despite pressure from conservative Republicans – primarily Larry Elder – To remove him.

According to New York Times, More than a percent of Californians in California did not vote to withdraw.

Newsom said during last night’s victory speech, which was called at night :: 46 PDT; “Not only has it not been released tonight. We have said yes to science. We have said yes to vaccines. We have said yes to ending this epidemic. Tonight I am humble, grateful, but determined in the consciousness of my political hero. Robert Kennedy To make the light of this world more gentle. ”

The cost of the California election is 27 276 million, according to the state Department of the Treasury, CNN reported.

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Elder, a conservative radio host and GOP’s top choice to replace Newsom, has shamelessly conceded defeat.

According to the Associated Press, in his waiver speech, Elder told his supporters to “stay with”, adding that the war was lost “but we are going to win the war”.

Covid-1 withdraws Newsom’s support for wearing masks and vaccine mandates as key tools in combating the pandemic epidemic. It was also a test of whether the brand of politics had been promoted by the former president Donald Trump Could enter the country’s most populous state which is leaning towards democracy, as the critical midterm elections are approaching the horizon.

Newsom has received support from the Democratic political machine, which is already strong in the heavy blue state. From inspection President Biden, Vice President Orange Harris And others sent messages to go against “trampism” and anti-vaccine activists and other right-wing narratives.

“I am grateful and grateful to the millions and millions of Californians who have exercised their fundamental right to vote and reject division, rejection of ambiguity, rejection of so much negativity that has defined our country’s politics for so many years,” Newsom told supporters Tuesday night.

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