General response to Tiffany Hadith’s ring comment

Later Tiffany Hadith She has made a comment about what she wants if her boyfriend is on the wedding card General Responding now.

If you missed it, the comedian and actress recently appeared on Smartless Podcast Jason Batman, Shawn Hayes, And Will Arnett And told the trio that if her man asked the question, she would not ask for the ring.

“You know, they give you a ring as a gift. I want him to present me the period in a duplex or 36-plex. Present me an apartment building,” he said.

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As far as conventions are concerned, he spoke to TooFab and responded: “She always says. She’s about getting land. I love it; I mean, it’s great. I respect it. You know, that’s what she wants; you have to give women what Wants. “

Although there is no word on an offer, Common has shared what he will do if the time comes.

“I’m going to do what is best for me and the woman. Right now, I just want to have happiness, good times, peace on earth and great, great, great work.”

He added, “I just take it day in and day out; I’m present day in and day out … we’re not discussing marriage right now.”

The pair first met on the photo set The kitchen. In the middle of the coveted quarantine, Hadith shared that he was separated from the star. In the summer of 2020, the couple made their relationship public.

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