Georgia police charge black woman who disguises Klansman with terrorist threat

Georgia police say they have found out who is behind a series of threatening notes, claiming to be a clansman, which created fear in the Atlanta suburbs.

Investigators have charged 30-year-old black woman Teresa Lucas with eight terrorist threats, the Douglasville Police Department wrote on its Facebook page Sept. 29.

Police said notes began arriving in Douglasville’s mailbox in December, with the author threatening to burn down homes and kill people in the neighborhood. In the notes, the author describes himself as “a white man six feet tall, with a long, red beard, who does not live nearby.”

On the night of Dec. 21, the notes were placed in the mailboxes of two homes across the street and were discovered the next day by victims, Douglasville police said. Details Nathan Schumacher Said.

Similar notes were kept in the mailbox in February and March. Sep September There was a six-month silence before the final known note was dropped in a mailbox.

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Shumkar and his companion The. Andre Fuchs There were some leads after collecting information from doorbell cameras and interviewing residents. However, they suspected that the single author was behind the notes because of the same tone and phrase.

The case came to a halt on Labor Day in September, when they found evidence that the notes were attached to Lucas’ home. The nature of that evidence was not disclosed. After receiving the search warrant, investigators found additional criminal evidence at Lucas’ home.

According to Newsweek, Citing records from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, police took Lucas into custody on September 2nd.

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