Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, claims that Jane Malik hit her

Former Beverly Hills Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid, the mother of model Gigi Hadid, has claimed that Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn Malik hit her last week, and that she is “seriously considering” filing a police report, according to TMZ.

Sources told the news site that the alleged attack took place some time last week, but it was not immediately clear what triggered the alleged attack.

Former OneDirector Jane told TMZ that she “steadfastly” denied handing over to Yolanda, who is also the grandmother of the 1-year-old daughter she shared with Gigi.

“I strongly deny hitting Yolanda Hadid, and in the interest of my daughter, I refuse to divulge further details and I hope Yolanda will reconsider her false allegations and personally move toward resolving these family issues,” Zayn said in a statement.

In an earlier message he shared, Zine said he was a private person and did not want the matter to be made public again, citing his daughter’s safety.

“I have agreed not to contest a claim arising from an argument I had with a member of my partner’s family who entered our home several weeks ago while my partner was away,” Zayn’s original statement read. “It was a personal matter and should still be, but now it seems there are divisions, and despite my efforts to restore us to a peaceful family environment that will allow me to co-parent my daughter in the way she deserves. Has been ‘leaked’ to the press. “

Zine and Gigi have had an on-off relationship for several years. Then in late April 2020, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

There have been no reported problems between Gigi’s family and Zayn before. We will keep you posted on any updates.

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