Glamor Magazine named Megan Thi Stallion, Amanda Gorman and Mariska Hargitai among the Women of the Year.

Glamor Magazine has officially named her 2021 Woman of the Year সম্মান an honor bestowed on inspiring and extraordinary women in various fields — and these names include some of the women in entertainment and literature you all know and appreciate!

Hot girl and rapper Megan Thi Stallion, poet Amanda Gorman, and actress Mariska Hargita were among the few women who honored glamor, and encouraged them to at least tell unique stories of victory, perseverance and success.

As a Texas care-free, body-positive, college-educated hot girl coach, you all know Thi Stallion, whom she called glamor a testament to the generation of women who instilled self-love in her childhood. Not to mention, Megan is at the top of the music charts, snaps on its cover Sports illustrated, And will be a college graduate this fall.

“They’ve always taught me self-love,” Megan said of her grandparents, mother and grandmother. “They have always praised me so much. I can do the smallest thing, [and they would be like,] ‘Oh my God, Megan you tied your shoes so well!’

Unfortunately, Megan lost her mother and grandmother two weeks apart in 2019, but through it she has been able to persevere and inspire hotties around the world.

“Megan Thi Stallion isn’t just a rapper,” she said. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m ready for the hotspot to continue our journey. “

Amanda Gorman, 23, served as the lead Black Girl Magic after serving as President Biden’s inaugural poet, performed dope performances at the Super Bowl, and published two best-selling books within six months of each other. Gorman said the glamor message to women inspired by his journey is your most authentic right.

“I would say don’t dream of being the next Amanda Gorman,” she wrote. “You dream to be the first. We need new, varied, different voices and the world is not served if people imitate me. The more people we have who are skilled at doing what they do, I think we are all bright and courageous for it. I will. “

Mariska Hargitay is one of the most respected women on crime television. As the star of ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’, Hargita makes it easy to deal with crises, which are not always reflected in her daily life. Mariska talks to Glamor about minor health issues, situations with friends, and dealing with the overall tiring summer of 2021.

“People ask you, ‘What would you say to your little one?’ And I think to myself, I would hold that little girl’s hand and say, ‘Everything will be fine. Believe me Believe me Everything will be fine, “said Mariska.

You can read more about these women’s journeys on Glamor Mag’s website!

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