Google is ready to offer a $ 1,600 bonus to all employees worldwide just in time for the holiday season

# Roommates, with the holiday season now fully operational, virtually everyone will welcome the blessing of some extra money right now — and if you’re lucky enough to be a Google employee, your paycheck will be a bit thicker this year. It has recently been confirmed that Google is ready to offer a $ 1,600 bonus to all its employees worldwide, following the news that the company has officially suspended its plans to return to work in the employees’ office.

@TheHill reports that Google is ending the year on a high note with thousands of its employees around the world, as the company plans to ensure that each employee gets a little more financial security this holiday season. A Google spokesman recently confirmed that all employees will receive a মাসে 1,600 bonus this month – in addition to the company’s work-home allowance and wellness bonus that was originally created to help during the COVID-19 epidemic. Bonuses will also be given to Google interns and those who are part of the company’s growing workforce.

The decision to distribute company-wide bonuses comes shortly after Google officially postponed plans to return to office-in-office indefinitely due to growing concerns about the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Google employees were previously expected to return to work on January 10M, But so far, no current return date has been set.

As we reported earlier in July, Google is one of the first companies to have all its employees fully vaccinated before returning to work. At the time, company CEO Sundar Pichai outlined his complete plan in a company memo to incorporate the following practices: All employees must be fully vaccinated to return to work, and global work-home options that have been extended to October 18.M.

Similarly, the popular social media platform Facebook has previously announced that all employees of the company must be vaccinated before being allowed to work in the company’s office.

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