Google Security stops Black Product Manager

In a viral tweet shared earlier this week, a Black associate product manager at Google said he was stopped by company security because no one believed he was there.

Angel Onuha, A graduate of Harvard University and co-founder of the Black Run Hedge Fund, BLK Capital Management, Tweeted Monday (September-September), “Riding my bike on Google campus and someone called me for safety because they didn’t believe I was an employee. I had to be escorted by two security guards to verify my ID badge.

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On Wednesday (September 22), he sent a follow-up tweet:

“A lot of people kept asking me the whole story … they took my ID badge away from me that day and told me to call if I had a problem. And it kept me stuck for 30 minutes to miss my bus ride.” Can. ”

A Google spokesman issued a statement Forbes Saying:

“We take this employee’s concerns very seriously, communicate with him and look into the matter. We learned that the employee was having problems with his badge due to an administrative error and contacted the reception team for help. When they could not solve the problem, the security team was called in to help solve the problem.

A former Google security guard, Albert Richardson, Anuhar responded to the tweet, describing his own strange experience when he asked for safety while on duty.

“I was having lunch in a micro kitchen. My radio goes off ‘Hey Al You can go to the second floor micro kitchen when you get out of lunch. A googler has just reported a suspicious person in the area. ‘I spent an hour looking for myself. ”

The stories of Anuho and Richardson are drawn in parallel with a Google employee who physically prevented San Francisco from entering the Google office. Leslie Millie Said, a Google employee jumped in front of him and demanded to see his work badge.

A Google spokeswoman said in a statement: “In order to reduce the number of burglary cases, it is necessary to clarify that employees should leave the investigation of such access concerns to our security team.” Our goal is to ensure that every employee perceives Google as an inclusive workplace and that we create a strong sense of self for all employees.

According to Google’s most recent diversity, equity and inclusion report, only 4.4% of their U.S. employees identify themselves as black, and only %% in leadership positions and 1.3% in leadership positions held by black women.

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