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Here comes the sun

When Dead & Company announced their summer tour, it was surprising that Canada had no dates. Just kidding; It would be a surprise to have it. The Dead and Company includes some key members of the Grateful Dead: Bob Weir, Bill Kreuzman, and Mickey Hart; They are joined by John Meyer, Jeff Chimenti and Otil Barbridge.

A resident of the Pacific Northwest (from Canada), George, it was an easy decision to perform at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington, D.C. on Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th, although the Pacific Northwest is known for cold rain and occasional snow. We were lucky with warm days and cool nights.

Proxter Warning! Walking down Shakedown Street before the first show, one of the most interesting booths was with Ken Casey’s son Jane Casey – author of One Flu Over the Cuckoo Nest. Jane, wearing a very funny tie-dyed cover, and tie-colored T-shirt, manages the toilet seat booth, (yes! Tide-dyed toilet seat! You’ll hear Deadheads say, “It’s not just music.” Blatter Paper, which he said is a placeholder.

While waiting for the start of Friday’s ceremony, there was a sweet moment when Otel’s adorable son Nigel waved to the crowd several times; Of course we all came back to him. The boys were in fine form and ready for the cold wind. John Meyer came out wearing a trendy trench type coat with camouflage pants, Bill Kreuzman was wearing a Dead & Company bolt hoodie and he actually pulled the hood part over his hat for extra warmth, Mickey Hart was wrapped in a full zip up jacket, a Bob Weir There was a white cowboy hat with feathers that threatened to blow in the strong wind and Otil wore the color of his complex face. John pressed his face to the top of his jacket a few times to stay warm. They opened the show “With a Stranger” and continued the favorites: “Cumberland Blues”, “Dior Wolf”, “Luz Lucy” and “It Must Have been a Rose” started a beautiful presentation, which was definitely a highlight of the 2 day venue. . There was a stunning roaring sunset on the way to the restroom during the set break.

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That’s great! What an amazing background for the Dead and Company concert!

The second set opens with “Sunshine Comes Here”, “Dark Star” and another favorite, lively “Scarlet Begonias”. We will all grow old before Scarlett. The second set closes with “Casey Jones”; Bobby’s hoarse voice excited the crowd, and there was a gentle “ripple” encore.

Saturday night was warm and the boys dressed accordingly: John, Mickey and Billy wearing sports sunglasses, Bobby wearing a hat again, looking like a crambon.

We got a “Bertha” opener with an energetic and bouncy mayor. The second song “Me and My Uncle” (John Phillips cover) had a Western cowboy feel, which fit well on the dock. Yes-yes! “I need a miracle” was a reminder of the miracle seekers in the shackdown that day, walking through the crowd with a pointer finger in the air, a sign that they were looking for a miracle ticket to the show that night. Hopefully they got that ticket because the show was really epic.

We hear Oteil’s honey smooth voice “a time comes”; The crowd seemed calm and happy to listen and watch intently. How can you not love Oteil! (Can I brag to find Otil’s guitar pick in the hole here after the show is over?) No one had to use the STFU (Shut the F *** Up) card during this song.

After a short pause the boys returned; Weir hatless and showing off her amazing wild hair (here are 10 fire emojis). The second set opener was “Playing in the Band” where John and Jeff continued their love with some beautiful PDAs (Public Display of Affection).

The second song was “Uncle Johns Band” where Jeff literally blew the dust off his keys, with the re-release of “Playing in the Band”. During “Playing in the Band” a drone appeared over the crowd and Weir gave us a drone rap, “Uh, so there is … there’s a drone. Someone is operating a drone and it’s dangerously approaching the crowd, and here’s the boys Nearby, and if you don’t turn it off, we’ll have to leave the show, okay. So, park whatever you are, okay. ”

“Deal” is one of their best games. During the drum / space Mickey picked up something from the air. Magic. Next up was an amazing version of “The Wheel”; Jeff’s great voice and John and Bob’s fine falsetto harmonies were a perfect match for the Mexican / reggae vibe of the late 1950s. We’ve got a Dylan cover of “A-Count Fruit of Hard Rain”; Bobby Dylan is always a treat to sing Bobby Weir songs. Weir’s voice is strong and steady, thoughtful and melodious. Wear works and shares her photos on Instagram with photo credits to Jim Safety Advisor. You can see his powerful guitar song while he is on stage and his voice has new energy. Bobby Howell and his awesome voice control will shake you. Someone in the crowd shouted, “Take off the shorts, Bobby!” Okay, maybe I was

Mayer’s fiery guitar licking and bright, soft voice has won him over many Deadhead fans.

Michael of Portland said, “He’s killing it!” Referring to John Searle and Eyes of the World in the second set, Michael said, “I can’t believe what I’ve heard! Mayer and Chimenti grabbed that song and blew it! ”

The boys played “One More Saturday Night” and we got a “Touch of Gray”; The popular song that brought the grateful dead to the tie-dyed limelight in 1987 with an MTV video, to the disappointment of some Deadheads.

It was a beautiful weekend a beautiful ending and the memories will be precious forever.

The weekend was fun. Love what you hear in a dead show; Some comments heard in The Roar:

1) When did Bobby start growing his beard?

2) Oh my God! When did Billy turn his hat back?

3) Have you seen John’s face? (Heard many times during a show)

4) Enjoy ical magic (we are still there.)

It’s definitely more than the music of Deadhead culture. The friendship the band has made with fans over the last 50+ years and between them is remarkable. Seeing the crowd and seeing the pure joy in their faces when they sing and laugh; And you know what the song is like … “There’s nothing to do but laugh, laugh, laugh.”

Review by Ann Harvott

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