Governor Newsom has signed the ‘Mominibas’ Act, which will give mothers access to postpartum health care, dowry services and many more celebrity news.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is making another big change to positively influence mothers – especially in terms of color. Today she signed a bill that could improve child and maternal health. Bill 65, written by Senator Nancy Skinner, will form a committee to investigate pregnancy-related deaths as well as serious maternal diseases, according to The Fresno B. The bill would increase midwives’ access to postpartum health care, dowry services and families.

In addition, the bill also charges the Statewide Office of Health Planning and Development for training nurses-midwives working with multicultural communities. To break this, Bill will5 will have Medi-Cal coverage for dowels, increasing Medi-Cal eligibility for postpartum Mayas. It will provide a simple support to CalWORKs, a public assistance program that provides cash assistance and services to eligible families with a child (ren) at home.

The interesting thing about Bill about5 is that it is establishing a fixed-income pilot program that prioritizes low-income pregnant Californians. Statistics show that between 2011-2020, black women in California were four to six times more likely to have pregnancy-related deaths than white, Hispanic, or Asian / Pacific island women, according to a recent report from the California Department of Health. .

“Everyone has the right to a healthy pregnancy and birth, and this bill will help make it a reality for more families in California. It’s unacceptable that maternal and infant mortality rates among black and indigenous communities are significantly higher than the state average,” Governor Newsom said in a press release.

He went on to say that California is committed to tackling inequality and discrimination whenever and wherever it occurs, and with the signing of Bill 65 today we are doubling our commitment to both reproductive and racial justice.

Rumiz, how do you feel about this bill?

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