Grand jury investigates former Kansas City detectives who allege ‘exploits and terrorizes’ black residents

A criminal grand jury investigation involving a former Kansas City detective is underway, CNN reports.

According to federal prosecutors, Roger GolubskyWho reached the position of captain when he retired in 2010, has been targeting residents on the northern edge of the city for decades.

He was charged in a civil case in 2011 with “weak black women, black women working as prostitutes,” making innocent people, and working for a local drug kingpin. No charges have been filed against him so far and he has not been disciplined for the charges against him.

According to The Kansas City Star, Golubsky’s alleged corruption story is not new. Newspaper The newspaper has published numerous pieces about the alleged victims and their members ’allegations against the year-old retired officer. Some reports detail Golovsky’s connection to the black women killed in the city.

According to CNN, Golbowski was first screened in 2016 for his involvement in Lamonte McIntyre’s double murder case. McIntyre was released in 2017 after serving 2 att years in prison, in a case the district attorney said was a “public injustice.”

McIntyre’s attorneys collected dozens of affidavits that provided details of Golbowski’s alleged wrongdoing and corruption, as well as allegations of corruption involving prosecutors and judges.

Several eyewitnesses said that the retired detective was obsessed with black women prostitutes and used their badges to force them.

In the civil case, Golbowski is accused of providing information and protection to a local drug dealer who paid the former detective for cash and drugs.

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Federal officials declined to comment to both CNN and The StarThe grand jury referred to the confidentiality of the proceedings. But the investigation has asked at least three people to testify Terry Ziegler, Retired Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief who was Golbowski’s partner for three years.

Ziegler told CNN that he had no knowledge of Golbowski’s reputation for alleged misconduct and that he had not witnessed any such incident. “They were trying to figure out how I didn’t know or I was trying to hide what I knew about Roger,” he said. “I don’t mind talking and telling people because I have nothing to hide.”

The case has caught everyone’s attention J-Z’s Tim Rock.

Local station KCTV reports that the rap mogul and entrepreneur put out a full-page ad The Washington Post The KCK police department demanded a full investigation.

“Police and eyewitness reports of criminal conduct by members of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department over the past few decades are astonishing. .

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