GUESS THE GRADE: Entertainment Weekly – Cheers Final Episode! CGC…?

This is Grant of Grant’s Comics and this is “Guess the Grade” as I unbox every single comic and magazine I get back from CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) – the world’s leading grading service for comic books, trading cards, magazines and other collectibles. Each and EVERY issue you see here is available for sale over at GrantsComics.com – but don’t waste time because some of these sell before the video can even get uploaded! Plus, you’ll find all kinds of other goodies there including a massive collection of art prints and framed pieces where you can ALWAYS buy 2, get 1 free if you enter the code B2G1PRINTS at checkout!

It’s Magazine Monday and today we’re unboxing Entertainment Weekly Magazine #170 from May 14, 1993 featuring a beautiful black & white cover shot of the cast of Cheers on the cover. This was released the same week that the final episode of Cheers aired in 1993.

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So who actually am I?? Well, after becoming a comic fan at the age of two with Amazing Spider-Man #170, I decided to finally pull the trigger and start up a social media account in 2020 which led to me creating one of the more popular comic book mystery boxes on the internet and then branched out into other storefronts, resulting in the purchase and selling of over 200,000 comics in the past year alone. I love spreading the enjoyment of comics and in a world with so much negativity, comics have always been a great escape; regardless if you’re reading them, collecting them, or both.


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