Haddon Hall – the largest medieval house in England

There are hundreds of great and great homes in the UK but Haddon Hall near Beckwell in Derby is unique among them.

It is 900 years old and was in the same family until that time. But that’s not all that makes it special.

During the reign of Queen Anne, the last 200 years lasted for 19 yearsM The house was in a state of suspension for centuries when the key was turned on to turn it off. Everything was still left in stock. . . Tapestry on the walls, furniture, pewter on the cupboards. Everything, just waiting to be dusted and settled again.

For centuries it has been known as the home of “Sleeping Beauty”.

The owners prefer to stay at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire and Hadden Hall falls asleep.

Hadon Hall Long Gallery

The recovery begins

Not until the beginning of the last centuryM The Duke of Rutland, John Manners, realized what a precious gem he had and it began to restore its former splendor.

The result is a snapshot of a frozen time during a medieval state home. No additions, no changes, no bits and the pieces are curated to give a “authentic” look. This place is the real deal. It contains the most important collection of early English furniture in the country and the nationally important collection of tapestry.

You will have a free kingdom when you explore this grand house. You do not breed on standard tours. Explore it as you wish.

The medieval kitchen at Haddon Hall

“You’ll find the oldest medieval kitchens in England, retaining all their original features, including stock pots, chopping boards, baking ovens, work tops and butchers.

“You will enter the family’s private chapel, which is still adorned with its original fine fresco seco on the fourteenth-century wall.

“You can explore the medieval chambers and you’ll see the 110-foot-long gallery, famous for its most beautiful rooms in England, its glorious, glittering, bomb glass windows and spectacular paneling designed by the famous Elizabeth, Robert Smithson.


“… and you’ll enter the Elizabethan World Garden in Haddon, an equally rare survivor of the past.

“These were designed by Robert Smithson when he designed the Long Gallery and they sat closely with the architecture of the hall.

“Famous for their beauty, structure, and outlook, the gardens are arranged on a series of rooftops, surrounded by huge shores that descend into the Y River with seemingly endless views outside the ancient Parkland and Peak District National Parks.

“Recently replanted by Chelsea Gold winner Arne Maynard, Haddon’s gardens are famous for their roses and are deeply romantic, they have an ancient feeling.

“Enjoy: walking on the roof; Color-filled plant borders; Knot gardens that produce gem plants of the Elizabethan era; And wild grassland boundaries carefully punctuated by hornbeams and beach topiaries.

“As Hadon survived, so did much of its original medieval Parkland.M Century and now listed in Grade 1, this land was as it was 700 years ago. It retains all its features and landscape features from its days as a deer park designed for hunting pursuits.

Haddon Hall from the website https://www.haddonhall.co.uk

On any British road trip, Haddon Hall must be on the “must visit” list.

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