Haiti prosecutor replaced after request for indictment of Prime Minister Ariel Henry

As the investigation into the July assassination of Haitian President Jovenal Moss continues, a prosecutor believes the current prime minister should be charged. Now he has been transferred.

According to PBS NewsHour, on September 13, former Haiti’s chief prosecutor Bed-Ford Cloud asked a judge to file a complaint against Prime Minister Ariel Henry and asked officials to stop him from leaving the country.

Claude was asking to meet with Henry, to ask him about Joseph Badio, a Moses murder suspect, who called him twice just hours after the murder. Cloud claims the calls were made on July 7 at 4:03 and 4:20 a.m. and lasted seven minutes

Claude further complained that a government official tweeted last month that Prime Minister Henry had told him he had never spoken to Joseph Badio.

Claude Henry said in the order to bring him to justice, “There is enough compromising material to prosecute Henry and his direct charges.”

On 1BS September, Justice Minister Rockefeller called for extra security for Vincent Cloud because the prosecutor had received “important and annoying” threats, PBS NewsHour reports.

Now, according to the NPR, Prime Minister Henry Cloud has requested a replacement. A new prosecutor was sworn in last night (September 14).

Recent: Haiti continues to spiral in unrest over the legitimacy of the presidency

Moyes, 5, was accused of dictatorship and corruption by his critics, which led to widespread protests. He has been in power since February 2017, but his opponents say his five-year term began in 2016 and was due to end in February 2021. However, those results were rejected by the Haitian Electoral Council and Moyes remained in office.

President Moses was assassinated on the morning of July 7, when an armed group approached his estate and opened fire. A motive has not yet been revealed.

More than 400 people have been arrested.

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