Halle Berry jokes about past support for ‘Catwoman’ after receiving Twitter praise

There is no doubt that Halle Berry has blessed film fans with some classics over the years. Who can forget his award-winning performance in the cultural hit ‘Monster’s Ball’? However, not every Hall movie resonated with fans. In fact, the movie ‘Catwoman’ tarnished her biography when it was first dropped 17 years ago. But, it seems, Hall’s sense of humor about the film remains fresh. Earlier today, he gave a mild response to praise for his role in the action-thriller.

“I’m sorry but Halle Berry played her‘ catwoman ’role, why PPL hates those movies, it’s camp. I like it, ”wrote one Twitter user.

We’re not sure how our good sister saw the tweet that she didn’t mention directly. Still, Haley is involved in a ‘lil dash humor and history.

“I see all the ‘catwoman’ love, everyone,” Haley responded via tweet. “Where were you 17 years ago?”

He ended his comment with a ridiculous emoticon – a clear indication that he was joking about leaving people in the dust when the movie was dropped.

As you may already know, Warner Bros. Patience has tapped Hall to play the role of Phillips. Patience works as a shy, graphic design artist at a large cosmetics company. One day, she invents a scheme to sell defective beauty products and the story begins to become her catwoman.

Hall’s 2002 Oscar for “Best Actress” for “Catwoman” did not go unnoticed. To date, the film has received a nine percent tomatometer rating and an 18 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The site says critics agree that “Halle Berry is the only bright spot, but even she can’t save this ridiculous action thriller.”

And bad reviews haven’t stopped rolling right now. The same year Hale won the “Worst Actress” Razi Award for her role in the movie. In case you didn’t know, the Razzie Award is an annual satire that “honors” the worst performances and projects of the year, to everyone.

During his acceptance speech at the 2005 event, he thanked Warner Bros. for “putting me in this Peace-of-Shaw, God-Horror movie.”

Then and now, he manages to respond with grace and humor – we see you in Hale!

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